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100% Duck Sticks
100% Haddock Sticks
100% Rabbit Sticks
100% Salmon Sticks
100% Tripe Bones
4 Inch (2 pack)
6 Inch
8 Inch
100% Turkey Sticks
100% Venison Sticks
Anco Beef Bone Broth
Anco Chicken Bone Broth
Anco Fish Bone Broth
Beef & Tripe Raw
Beef Pizzles
Standard 12cm
XL Pizzles
5 Pack - Standard 12cm Pizzles
Beef Skin Chews
Beef Skin with Hair 1.5 KG
Beef Tendons - Anco
Braided Lamb Chews
Buffalo Ears - 50 pack
Buffalo Roll - Anco
Bully Jerky - Anco
Bully Sticks - Anco
Bully Tripe - Anco
Calf Ears
Camel Skin Slices 250g
Camel Tripe - 100g Anco
Chicken 80/10/10 Raw
Chicken Breast Jerky
Chicken Feet - 500G
Chicken Trainers - Anco
Cow Udder Sticks - JR
Cut Beef Trachea 500g / 1KG
Dried Beef Air Pipes / Trachea
200g Pack
1KG Pack
Dried Sprats 250g / 500g
Fish Skin Cubes 1KG
Giant Beef Stick - Anco
Giant Tripe Stick - Anco
Goat Ears - JR
JR Pure Meat Pate 200g
JR Pure Meat Pate 400g
Lamb Horn Marrow - Anco
Lamb Lung
Lamb Muscle Strips - 1KG
Lamb Trainers - Anco
Moon Bone - JR Pet Products
All kinds of goodies! 🐶