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Ancol Viva Nylon Collar
From: £2.69
Beechgrover Bandana
From: £2.50
BioFunction 8
Buffalo Jerky
Camel Braid
Cow Hooves - Anco
Giant Beef Stick - Anco
Giant Bully Stick - Anco
Halti Walking Harness
Keeper's Mix - Dorwest
From: £12.99
Kong Flipz
From: £8.29
Kong Gyros Treat Dispensing Toy
From: £8.99
Kong Jumbler Ball
From: £9.80
Lickimat - Splash
Lickimat TUFF
Lungworm Test Kit
Rabbit Skin with Hair
From: £0.70
Tree Barks Powder - Dorwest
From: £20.99
Worm Count Test Kits
Yak Snack Chews - Various Sizes
From: £2.60

Welcome to our Canine Wellness Shop! 

At Beechgrove we're big believers in nature knows best. From a more natural approach to your dog's food, to herbal medicines and supplements - we aim to cover all aspects of health and well-being. Our products come from a range of suppliers but we only stock products we really believe in and would use on our own dogs. Our Handmade items are made by a certified Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist, and a Certified Raw Nutritionist - If you would like any help or advice regarding your dog's health and diet please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you have any queries on our products or would like some advice please don't hesitate to contact us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible 😊