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Herbal Flea Powder

Herbal Flea Powder

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This Herbal Flea Powder is 100% natural - using ethically sourced, organic ingredients and made completely Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Formulated Holistically to treat and prevent Fleas, ticks and mites. This product is completely non-toxic unlike chemical pesticides used in conventional flea treatments that cause the harsh side-affects and reactions. 

Contains: Bentonite Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Lavender, Yarrow, Yellow Dock Leaves, Peppermint, White Sage.

Bentonite Clay is used as dusting it on the skin will dehydrate the fleas over a short period of time, and it’s microscopic sharp edges can cut through their hard exoskeletons too. Lavender is a natural Flea & Tick Repellent, as is Peppermint - Fleas & Ticks actively avoid these plants and their scent. Yarrow relieves itching and will help to heal any flea bites on the skin. Yellow Dock treats itching, wounds and insect bites on the skin. White Sage is another active repellent, fleas and insects simply don't like the taste and will avoid it.

All of these herbs and ingredients are safe for use on your dog and your home - if your dog is infested with fleas it's just as important to treat their home environment for fleas as treating the dogs themselves. This powder can be used on bedding, collars, door and window sills etc to keep fleas out of your home/garden and out of your dog's fur.

To treat your dog: Simply part the fur across the shoulders/heartline, shake powder onto the skin, and massage/ruffle through the coat. This repeated bi-weekly/monthly is enough to prevent fleas/ticks, if you find your dog is very prone to infestations this can repeated daily if needed during flea seasons. If your dog is infested ensure you're combing the dead fleas and eggs out daily before applying the new dose of powder.

**As this product contains Lavender it is not recommended for use on dogs who suffer seizures** 

Store in a cool, dark place. Use within 1 year of opening.

The Flea Powder comes in an aluminium shaker bottle, which is fully recyclable and reusable - please ensure to dispose of responsibly.

Approx 120g per bottle.

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